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In order for merchants to have the ability to accept credit cards for their business transactions, they must first set up a "merchant account". Total Merchant Services makes opening a merchant account credit card processing terminal reader to accept credit card payment at your business both simple and inexpensive.
Total Merchant Services is a nationwide credit card processing network provider to setup merchant accounts with reliable merchant services. We have become one of the most competitive credit card machine processing equipment reader companies in the industry without compromising quality. Funds are deposited ACH direct deposit within 48 hours to merchants bank account.
By opening a merchant account with Total Merchant Services, you will be able to accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, debit card, checks, & Ebt through your credit card processing terminal system.
Total Merchant Services is your one-stop source for restaurant, retail & portable wireless (POS) point of sale machine equipment terminal systems and software for your credit card processing payment system. We even offer a merchant account that operates using a virtual terminal interface through the web.
We offer merchant account services for retail, restaurant, kiosk, wireless, trade show, home based, mail - phone order, internet & website. If your a small business or a business who needs a high volume merchant account. Total Merchant Services can help you accept all major credit card payment transactions and give you low processing rates & fees. We will even send a professional representative in the Los Angeles area to your location to help you setup your merchant account services.
Total Merchant Services will help you to find the best processing solution for your business. We invite you to call with any point of sale credit card processing machine terminal equipment reader questions you may have regarding the setting up of your Visa Master card merchant account services and any technical questions on merchant processing terminal machine equipment & software. Increase Your Revenue Stream Today!
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Total is looking to expand your business. We have put the bancard industry in a frenzy when we released our FREE Credit Card Machine Placement Programs. We are currently offering top of the line POS credit card processing reader technology. The FREE machine programs consist of a Wireless Nurit 8000 and a Hypercom T4100 with an optional Mag Tek Check Imager. Never buy or lease another machine when you setup an Account with Total Merchant Services.
Free Hypercom T4100
Free Mag Tek Check Imager
All terminal machine equipment is placed free once approved for a merchant account with Total Merchant Services. One free credit card processing machine program per business location. Free Hypercom program is for retail storefronts and comes with an optional Mag-Tek Check Imager. Free Wireless Nurit 8000 credit card processing terminal program offer. Accept Credit Cards !
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